Words have the ability to convey thoughts and ideas in a way that verbal communication can not. Engaging in communication with your target market audience is how you work to build brand loyalty while also illustrating what you know about your industry, your products or services and anything else that works to present you as an authority figure within your industry. You receive a fresh perspective on your marketing ideas and promotional messages which works to keep client engagement with your company at optimal levels.

My writing services include creating blog posts, articles, website page content, press releases, product reviews, public speaking content and other writing needs that your small business may require.

The Benefit You Receive
~You receive content that expands your reach within your target market segment as it works to illustrate how your product or service provides a benefit that your target market audience needs.
~It establishes trust and builds brand loyalty as your audience begins to see you as an authority figure that is the only viable solution to a problem that your target market audience is looking to resolve.
~It creates a professional appearance for the online presence of your business.
~It gives you a competitive advantage by allowing your business to appear approachable and personable while also being professional.

Your Available Options

  • Package A: I only provide the content pieces that you desire. 
  • Package B: I provide the content pieces and add to a marketing service package of your choice. 

Package prices start at $100.00.