Web Design

Having an Internet presence is a vital component of your business operations. Research indicates that 81% of consumers engage in Internet research before reaching out to contact a company. That creates a tremendous opportunity for you to increase the level of brand awareness your company maintains online.

My website enhancement practices include creating SEO rich content for each of your website pages and adding new pages as your business endures growth. I will work to create a design layout that allows visitors to easily find the information they need to engage in business with your company.

I can conduct an audit of your current small business website and pinpoint areas that are in need of improvement. These areas include web page content, layout design and menu selection items.  I am able to create a new website for your small business that includes securing a domain name for the site, setting up hosting service and creating the layout design and web page content. 

All of my web design services come with two rounds of revisions and a proof of the website design layout for approval before creating the final product. 

The Benefit You Receive
~Your website content reinforces the promotional message you have and delivers the benefits you provide to your target market audience.
~The keyword rich content brings search engines to your site which gives you higher search page result rankings that make your business easier to find online.
~An efficient design layout creates a positive customer experience.
~An easy-to-use website layout brings you one step closer to converting potential clients into loyal customers.

Your Available Options

  • Web Page Content: $75.00 per page
  • Website Layout Design: $300.00
  • Website Audit: $250.00
  • Website Creation: $500.00 

A’ La Carte Services

Are you in need of a single graphic element that can pull your website together? 

  • Header Image: $40.00 
  • Logo Design: $75.00

Something else not shown here? Let me know