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Every morning it’s the same story. You walk down the hall to wake the kids up for school. One bedroom has legos spread across the floor and the other bedroom has so many clothes on the floor that you aren’t quite sure if there is even a floor underneath that mess. With the kids up and getting dressed you make your way to the kitchen, collecting clothes, jackets and other assorted items as you go. While you wait for the coffee to finish brewing you think there has to be an easier way to put everything in its place. Just once you’d like to have a clean, organized home. As you slowly survey the mess before you, it seems like an impossible task to accomplish.

Tidy Living is ready to help you turn what seems impossible into a reality with their line of home organization products that are designed to simplify your life without having to sacrifice your personal style. You will find the necessary tools to help organize virtually every room in your home. With their help you will never have to see a messy pile of shoes by the front door, find toys laying across the floor or have everything fall on top of you when opening the linen closet door.

Take a look at the different products Tidy Living offers to help streamline the contents of your home.

Shoe Storage

One of the hardest areas of my home to keep clean is the shoe area by our front door. Every time I leave the house, I cringe at the pile of shoes laying there in disarray. If you are like me, you will be happy to know that Tidy Living offers several affordable options to solve the nightmare that is shoe storage.

You can select from horizontal and vertical racks that can easily fit by your front door. Other organizational options include stylish shoe trees and underbed storage containers. Each of these options work to keep the shoes in your home out of harms way and easily accessible when its time to leave.

Shelves and Racks

Life happens inside your home each day. For that reason there are going to be things laying around your house, despite your best efforts to keep everything in its place. Tidy Living offers you great solutions to keep everyday items handy while presenting a clean appearance at the same time. They offer everything from stackable shelf organizers to wooden shelves that are ideal for storing toys, books, movies and anything else your family uses on a daily basis. 

Laundry and Garment Care

Laundry is an unavoidable part of life! You can spend several hours in the laundry room washing, drying and folding clothes only to find a new pile of clothes that you somehow overlooked the first time. Tidy Living helps make laundry more bearable with their stylish and affordable laundry organizational tools.

Drying racks are a great option for those clothing items that are unable to go into your conventional dryer. These racks help dry those items without taking up extra space in your laundry room. A stylish laundry sorter is a great way to make a mounting pile of laundry more manageable. No laundry room is complete without having laundry baskets that are useful and stylish at the same time.

Wardrobe and Closet Spaces

Few things in life are more exasperating than a messy closet. While rushing to get dressed in the morning clothing items fall to the floor as you scramble to find something to wear. You close the closet door in a huff and vow to clean up the mess later. Before you even realize it, your closet resembles something unrecognizable. Tidy Living offers several solutions that keep your closet from becoming a disaster area.

There are closet storage systems that provide you with a space for everything you need in a closet space. You can create a combination of hanging space, drawers and shelving units in an arrangement that works best for you. Garment racks and hanging wardrobe closets are ideal for expanding your wardrobe without needing to build a new closet. No closet is complete without Tidy Living’s line of stylish hangers.

Bins and Containers

Your home organization becomes functional with Tidy Living’s selection of open storage containers and storage bins. There are foldable organizers that easily fit under your bed and fabric containers that keep the family room essential items out of view but still accessible when necessary.

As you can see Tidy Living offers everything you need to make organizing your home a breeze! Don’t just take my word for it, visit their website and see for yourself all the great options they offer to make your life easier. While your there, take advantage of my special discount offer giving you an additional 10% off your entire order when you check out.

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The Floating Oak Shelf Set from Tidy Living gives you a sleek and stylish way to display pictures, knick-kacks or other treasured trinkets in your home without taking up additional space in any room. The shelf set comes with 1-36 inch shelf, 1-24 inch shelf and 1-12 inch shelf. 

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I hope you enjoy shopping at Tidy Living as much as I do. Happy shopping!

** Update **

Thank you to everyone who entered my recent Tidy Living Floating Oak Shelf Series giveaway contest. The contest is now over and a winner has been randomly selected courtesy of Rafflecopter. I will be hosting more giveaway contests soon so keep your eyes open for the announcements!

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  1. Monica Tahbonemah says:

    Need these shelves so bad, love them. We don’t have enough room in our house also my daughter wants these to help her organize her room.

    • Aprel Phelps Downey says:

      Hi Monica,

      Thanks for sharing how you would use these shelves in your home! Good luck in the giveaway contest!

      ~ Aprel

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