Spring Clean Your Closet in 5 Days with Tidy Living

Spring Clean Your Closet in 5 Days with Tidy Living | Aprel Phelps Downey Business Marketing Services

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Opening your closet to find that cute shirt you’ve been dying to wear all winter quickly takes a turn for the worst as you survey the damage inside. There are sweaters and winter hats mixed in with shorts and t-shirts and winter boots laying next to flip flops. If a hazmat team saw your closet they would declare it a disaster area within five-seconds.

What’s a girl to do when faced with a closet mess like this?

Turn to Tidy Living of course!

Their line of home organization products makes this spring cleaning task manageable and fun. Combine their products with this 5 day cleaning schedule to create a closet that would even make Martha Stewart proud!

5 Day Closet Spring Cleaning Plan | Tidy Living | Aprel Phelps Downey Business Marketing Services

Day #1 – Remove Everything From Your Closet

The first step in restoring your closet to its natural state is to remove absolutely everything you see before you. Although it is an unfavorable action to take, it’s the only way you are going to know how much clothing and accessory items are currently taking up residence in that closet. Start slow and remove the hanging items first and place them in small piles in your bedroom.

Move on to the other clothing items in the same manner. Finish up the process by removing all of your shoes and other accessory items and placing them in a designated area on your floor. With everything out of your closet now it is time to tackle the mess before you.

Day #2 – Donate Unwanted Clothing Items

Now that everything you own is scattered in piles around your room, it’s a good time to decide what you want to keep and what you want to giveaway. Tidy Living offers stylish fabric bins that will help make this task more manageable. Start with their selection of square, rectangle and round fabric bins to help you sort through each pile of clothing and accessories. The bins are crafted from durable fabric that can hold a substantial amount of clothing items.

Tidy Living Fabric Bins | Aprel Phelps Downey Business Marketing Services

Use the square bins to hold the items that you want to give away. The built in handles have reinforced metal grommets, which makes transporting these items to a donation center a breeze. Afterwards, the bins can serve as decorative storage containers for your new closet. The rectangle and round fabric baskets feature pure bamboo handles and are ideal for holding hats, sunglasses, bathing suits and other essential spring wardrobe items. With the donation items taken care of it is time to focus on that pile of winter clothing.

Day #3 – Store Away Winter Clothes

The arrival of spring typically means warmer weather, however Mother Nature still likes to add a few cold days into the forecast. Therefore you need a storage option that keeps winter clothing close at hand and out of the way at the same time. Tidy Living offers you solutions with their line of underbed storage bags that feature durable handles and clear tops so you can easily view and access what’s stored inside.

Tidy Living Storage Products | Aprel Phelps Downey Business Marketing Services

You will find the underbed storage bags, available in medium and large sizes, ideal for storing away the sweaters, pants and winter coats that you won’t need until next year. Each bag is crafted from white PEVA and non-woven material and has a durable zipper to secure the clothing items inside. The collapsible storage bags are great for storing away winter accessory items such as hats, gloves or scarves. With winter safely stored away you can now focus on doing spring laundry.

Day #4 – Wash Your Spring Wardrobe

There are only a couple of loads of laundry standing between you and your fresh, new closet. Tidy Living makes this task more appealing with their product line of laundry hampers and sorting units. These products take a practical approach to laundry by featuring durable, breathable materials, which allow for air ventilation so as to prevent mildew from occurring.

Tidy Living Laundry Products | Aprel Phelps Downey Business Marketing Services

You will love how easy it is to sort laundry when you use the 3 or 4 bag sorter products. Each product features removable laundry bags on a metal frame with a handle on each end and wheels on the bottom for effortless transportation to the laundry room. The pop-up hampers are also a great tool for getting those spring clothes ready to wash as you’re going through the piles of clothes. With the laundry under way it is time to put your closet back together.

Day #5 – Reorganize Your Closet

It’s the last day of your massive spring cleaning closet project and time for happy dancing! You’ve worked hard to create a closet you love and Tidy Living offers garment racks and hanging shelf units to help you keep it that way. These products feature white PEVA and non-woven fabric for durability and easily fit inside your current closet structure.

Tidy Living Closet Organization | Aprel Phelps Downey Business Marketing Services

You can use a single or double tier garment rack to hang your favorite spring dresses on the expandable hanging bars. Place those adorable sandals that go with just about everything on the bottom rack for easy access. Add several of the 6 or 10 shelf hanging units to your closet to hold things such as shirts, shorts, tank tops and other must have accessories for your spring wardrobe without taking up extra space in your closet.

Congratulations you have successfully given your closet a much needed spring makeover! You can celebrate by heading over to Tidy Living and using the following promo code to save 10% off your order at checkout:

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Happy Shopping!

Share one of your favorite spring cleaning organizational ideas in the comment section below! 

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