Product Review: Snack Mix Products from Nutty Snacks

Disclaimer: I was provided with free products in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in my review are my own and not influenced by the product company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Nutty Snacks got its start when Sarah Snider went in search of a snack that would fill the hunger void in her four children for more than five minutes. Her search led her to the kitchen where she started experimenting with different food combinations that she thought her kids would enjoy. After a few bites, her nutty snack combinations received the coveted stamp of kid approval. Soon after that, the Nutty Snacks company sprang to life. 

Fast forward to present day and the company now thrives on producing all natural snack mix products with ingredients that you can easily read. That means you are getting a healthy snack that doesn’t sacrifice on taste. I tried four of their snack mix products with my family over the weekend and here is my review of the experience. 


White Macanutty

Upon opening the package of White Macanutty snack mix, I noticed a smell similar to that of white chocolate. Being an extreme chocolate enthusiast, that made me eager to try the product. After several bites of the snack mix, I discovered that the smell did not disappoint as the nutty mixture taste resembled that of white chocolate. It was as if I was eating a white chocolate candy bar that is no where near as healthy for me as the snack mix that was in my hand.

The snack mixture ingredients include almonds, pecans and macadamia nuts with a light dusting of a white chocolate, coconut oil, almond meal and honey mixture. It would be ideal as a trail mix component with small chocolate candy and an assortment of other nuts. While trying this product I added a little of the mixture to a cup of plain vanilla yogurt. Doing so enhanced the overall flavor of my yogurt without making it ‘too nutty’ in my opinion. 


Choco Peanutty

The first thing I noticed when opening this package of snack mix was the smell of coco, like you smell upon opening a package of hot chocolate mix. My family was excited to taste test this snack mix because we are big fans of peanut butter cups and we were hoping a snack mix with a similar name would have the same taste. That first bite did not disappoint us one bit! It was every bit the chocolate-peanut butter goodness you expect when seeing these two flavors come together. The overall taste is similar to chocolate covered peanuts or the bakers chocolate that you use to make Christmas cookies. 

The ingredients in this snack mix include almonds, sunflower seeds (which were an unexpected yet delightful taste), cashews and peanuts. It would be an ideal addition to a bowl of warm oatmeal or in your favorite cookie recipe for added flavor. 


Nutty Nilla

Vanilla is one of my absolute favorite smells so I was excited to taste test this product. The smell coming from the bag upon opening it only fueled my love of all things vanilla. I could instantly smell the vanilla flavoring and it reminded me of a Christmas sugar cookie mixture. My husband thought the smell was similar to a bowl of brown sugar oatmeal while my daughter thought of vanilla ice cream. The overall taste of this product was a combination of the brown sugar oatmeal and sugar cookies, which is delightful in case you were wondering. 

The mixture ingredients include cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts. I would love to use this snack mixture in a brownie recipe, either crushed up in the mixture itself or as a topping on warm brownies fresh out of the oven. It would also be great in a pan of peanut butter cookies. 


Cinna Nutty 

Everyone finds the smell of cinnamon to be comforting as it typically reminds us of our grandmother’s house or any time spent in the kitchen making something delicious to enjoy. Upon opening the snack mixture, I immediately smelled cinnamon and knew this would be a great tasting product. After taking that first bite, the snack mix did not disappoint me. It tasted like warm cinnamon raisin bread. My husband thought that the taste was similar to a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. My daughter even liked this snack mix and she is not a fan of cinnamon at all. 

The ingredients in this mixture include almonds, cashews and pecans. I think the product would be excellent in an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe or mixed in with a bowl of plain oatmeal. It would also be great by itself with a cup of coffee as an afternoon snack. 

My Final Thought

I am not a big fan of nuts or any products that include nuts. That being said, I liked each one of these snack mix products. Each one provided the right balance of flavoring and nuts which allowed me to barely notice that I was eating a nut mix snack. My favorite would have to be either the Cinna Nutty or the Nutty Nilla. I would probably lean more towards the Nutty Nilla because it reminded me of the french vanilla flavored coffee that I enjoy this time of year. 

If you are looking for a new snack to try yet don’t want to sacrifice eating healthy in the process, I recommend you try any one of these products from Nutty Snacks. The products do not disappoint in taste or nutritional value. You can find out more about theses and other products the company offers here. Share with me in the comments below what products you tried and any recipe combinations that you create as a result of having your own taste testing adventure!


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