Mending the Broken Parts Book

What readers have to say about ‘Mending the Broken Parts’: 

Mending the Broken Parts will inspire you to stand up for yourself and let go of the negative things affecting your life. By the end of the book, you will feel like the author is truly holding your hand as you take the next step in changing your life and that she will be there for you when you doubt yourself again! This is not a psychologist speaking AT you and not truly understanding what you feel. This is someone speaking WITH you, knowing where you are coming from. This is not a very long book, but it is well written and potentially life changing.

~ Stacia W.

I found, like a lot of people will, that I could relate to what was being said. We have all had times that we wish we could put the past behind and start new without the unhappy times. The book has inspired me to look forward for peace and leave behind the past and free my mind of what other people think of me.

~ Beatrice M.

Just the boost of encouragement that can set someone on the path to healing, and strengthen ones resolve who has already begun healing. I hope that this will reach the hurting and encourage them to seek professional help. Sometimes we just need to know that we are not the only ones dealing with these issues.

~ Connie L.