Your small business brand allows consumers to form a split second recognition of who you are and the products or services that you provide. They make an instant determination of whether or not you can resolve an issue they are currently facing.

At that moment, your small business brand needs to be fierce and show those individuals that you are the only option for resolving that issue. Otherwise, they will not hesitate to turn their attention towards the competition. 

I can create that fierce small business brand for you, which frees you up to focus your attention on the aspects of your small business that you enjoy the most! 

Here are the small business marketing services that I provide: 

Content Marketing
Content marketing provides you with marketing materials that highlight your level of expertise regarding the industry you serve and the products or services you provide to your target market audience. These marketing pieces work to increase your brand awareness without coming across as self-promotional. 

My content marketing practices include creating SEO rich blogs, articles, press releases and website page content that you can use in all aspects of your business operations. 

The Benefit You Receive
~ You will attract the attention of potential customers and work to generate leads from that interest.
~ You will establish yourself as an authority figure within your industry by sharing what you know.
~ You will form a position as the only viable solution to a problem needing resolution or a desire needing fulfillment by your target market audience.

Your Available Options

  • Blog Posts: $75.00 for 800 words 
  • Ebooks: $200.00 for 2,000 words 
  • Authority Guides: $130.00 for 1,500 words
  • Promotional Articles: $100.00
  • Press Releases: $75.00
  • Website Page Content: $75.00 per page

Word count increases are available for an additional cost. Each service includes two rounds of revisions before the final product delivery occurs. 

Social Media Marketing
Social media operates on a ripple effect that is similar to what occurs when you toss a stone into water. As that stone hits the water, a ripple forms and continues to grow and grow until you have this huge circle that is created from one singular event. A single social media event can expand your reach into a target market audience and bring new business to your door.

My social media marketing practices focus on setting up new accounts for your small business, creating content for your social media channels, monthly management of your channels and advertising campaign management for your social media accounts. 

The Benefit You Receive
~It drives new traffic to your website.
~It enhances your website search engine optimization which gives you higher search results rankings.
~It helps you build relationships with your customers.
~It establishes brand loyalty with your customers.
~It expands your reach within your target market audience.

Your Available Options

  • Social Media Account Creation: $100.00 per social media account. 
  • Social Media Monthly Management: $100.00 per month for 1 social media account. You may add extra social media accounts to a management package at a rate of $100.00 each. 
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns: $150.00 per campaign. 

Promotional Marketing
Promotional marketing creates an opportunity for you to promote a business event, product or service announcement, business expansion announcement or other activity to your target market audience.

My promotional marketing practices include content creation, layout design, image creation and the incorporation of your company logo and color scheme on each marketing piece. My giveaway contest services include the setup, promotion, monitoring of entrants, data collection, selection of a winner and announcement of a winner across your website and social media channels. 

You also receive two rounds of revisions and a design proof for approval before delivery of the final product occurs. 

I can create the following promotional materials for you: brochures, posters, flyers, post cards, business cards and giveaway contests. 

The Benefit You Receive
~It builds brand loyalty with your current customers.
~It motivates potential customers to learn more about your company.

Your Available Options

  • Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Post Cards and Business Cards: $75.00  per 50 pieces. 
  • Giveaway Contests: $75.00 per Giveaway 

Promotional projects requires a $25.00 deposit that is applied to the outstanding balance of the final project. Printing of promotional pieces is available for $35.00 per project. 

A’ La Carte Services

Are you in need of a single piece to pull your in-house marketing game together?                     

  • Professional Resume: $80.00 
  • Logo Design: $75.00
  • Image for a Social Media Post or Blog Post with words: $30.00 each
  • Social Media Profile Image or Cover Photo Design: $40.00 each 

Something else not shown here? Let me know