4 Ways Your Content Can Stand Out on Facebook

Part of being a small business owner is interacting with your target market audience and being a valuable resource for those individuals. Facebook gives you the opportunity to take that level of interaction online and get in front of potential new clients while showing appreciation for your loyal followers at the same time. Remaining consistent and having a solid presence on the social media outlet is a bit more challenging.

One reason for this is due in large part to the frequency in which Facebook changes their news feed algorithms. An algorithm is a set of rules or guidelines on how a process is to be carried out. Facebook uses this to determine how often the followers of your small business page see the content that you post. Trying to figure out when these changes will take place is nearly impossible.

Facebook often makes these algorithm changes under the radar, which means you are the star of your target market audience’s news feed one day and banished to oblivion the next. For that reason, you need to have a solid content marketing strategy in place that helps you and your content stand out on the social media outlet, even when these pesky changes take place.

Take a look at these 4 ways you can make your content stand out regardless of what Facebook does with their algorithm.

#1 – Show What You Know

You offer a product or service to your target market audience that helps resolve an issue they face. At the heart of that product or service is the knowledge that you bring to the table in terms of what it can do and why your target market audience needs it. That level of expertise is what attracts your customers to your small business, which in turn allows them to place a tremendous amount of faith in you. Therefore, you become a reliable source of information that they can depend on when the time comes.

Facebook provides you with a great opportunity to highlight those products or services in a way that attracts potential new customers to your business page. That opportunity then becomes one of your central focal points for the type of content you need to share in order to stand out in the Facebook crowd.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to show what you know using the products or services that you offer:

  • Post a picture of your product with an enticing caption that leaves your audience wanting more.
  • Show your team in a typical day at the office and invite your audience to caption the photo.
  • Hold a visual countdown to the launch of a new product or service you will soon be offering.
  • Show how your product or service can easily solve a problem that your target market audience faces.

#2 – Show What You Can Do

You can have the greatest product or service in the world but if your target market audience doesn’t trust in your ability to solve a problem they face, all hope is lost. Facebook is a great way to work against this roadblock as it gives you the chance to highlight customer feedback on your business page.

There are two ways you can show your Facebook audience what you can do:

1. Ask customers to share feedback in the ‘reviews’ section of your Facebook page. When potential customers take a look at your page, they’ll be able to see what customers have to say about the quality of your business and the products or services you provide. That gives them the reassurance that they can trust you with their business needs.

2. Share a post giving your Facebook audience a link to the review section on your small business website. Include a call to action in the post that prompts your audience to leave a review of their own on that page as well. Doing so helps customers see what others have to say while giving them the opportunity to leave a review of their own.

ThriveHive states that 88% of consumers read reviews of a business prior to making a purchase for the first time. Having this information readily available on your Facebook page adds credibility to your business as well. Potential customers see that you have nothing to hide in terms of customer service and that makes them want to do business with you.

#3 – Showcase Your Clients

Few things make your audience happier than when you take the time to notice them on social media. Facebook makes that easy with the ability to ‘share’ a post that you find online relating to your business. Start by scrolling through your business page newsfeed or doing a quick search of your business to see what others are sharing. When you find something engaging, simply reshare it on your page, making sure to tag the individual who made the post and adding a ‘thank you’ to your post.

Your Facebook audience then becomes invaluable brand ambassadors for your business. By making that post on their Facebook page, it allows their audience to learn more about your business. It increases your brand awareness to a target market segment that you would otherwise be unable to reach through traditional marketing methods. It also allows potential customers to see that you care about more than just making a sale.

#4 – Be a Helpful Resource

Your target market audience turn to you for advice when they face a problem or issue that they are unable to resolve on their own. Take that helpful presence to your Facebook business page by sharing content that your audience will find helpful or that sheds more light on how your product or service is essential to what they need.

The helpful content you share doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to just tips or advice. You can post informative videos that walk your audience through the steps of using a product or service you offer. Educational articles from industry experts with a caption adding your own expertise on the topic are also a great helpful resource for your audience. Anything that helps point your audience in the right direction when they are trying to resolve an issue works.

A Final Thought

Facebook changes quite fast in how it determines the manner in which your audience sees the content you share. You will drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with the changes or adjusting your content strategy to match those changes. In a panic you may think that you need to make a major content strategy overhaul so that your content keeps gaining exposure.

You need to remember that you know that audience better than Facebook. That means you know the type of content they like to see from you and each of these four tips falls into that category. Facebook makes changes based on the millions of users they have on the channel each day. You only need to focus on the target market audience that you know like the back of your hand.

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