Content Editing

Every piece of content that you create for your small business gives you the opportunity to showcase your level of expertise on your industry, product or service or another aspect of your business. If you publish a content piece that contains inaccurate information, fails to maintain a consistent flow or has other relevant issues, you instantly lose credibility with your target market audience.

Content editing can resolve all of these issues for you, ensuring that you always publish quality content that adds value to the customers’ experience with your small business. 

My content editing practices include catching inconsistencies, fixing grammatical errors and ensuring your content style flows well. 

The Benefit You Receive

* You consistently publish content that matches your company tone, which instills a sense of loyalty with customers. 

*You publish quality content that meets the needs of your target market audience, prompting them to take further action with your business. 


I will review your content piece for cosmetic errors only. My main objective in proofreading your content piece is to catch surface problems with the content. I will not rework your text or rearrange the content flow of your piece. 

Price is $20.00 per hour

Copy Editing

I will make improvements to the content style, formatting and accuracy of your piece. My main objective in editing your content piece is to catch inconsistencies, fixing grammatical errors and ensuring the content style flows well. 

Your Available Options

  • Package A: I edit your content piece for accuracy and correct grammatical errors. 
  • Package B: I rework the flow of your content and correct grammatical errors. 
  • Package C: I restructure content paragraphs while also reworking the style, flow and grammatical presence of the piece. 

Package prices start at  $20.00 per hour

Content Editing

I will make overall improvements to your content piece, which entails adding new content sections, removing ones that impede the style and flow of the piece and correcting grammatical errors. 

Price is $80.00 per hour