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5 Useful Ways to be a Social Media Standout

Competition within your industry is fierce as everyone is fighting for the attention of potential customers. That puts you in the overwhelming position of facing off against larger companies in a battle to increase your brand awareness. The larger companies have a seemingly endless pool of financial resources and a top notch marketing team that lives and breathes brand awareness marketing in their corner. They seem destined to be the ones holding the prize after the fight is over. You Read More

6 Social Media Mistakes You Want to Avoid

6 Social Media Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Social media plays a vital part in the success of your small business. It creates a platform for you to interact with your customers and keep an eye on the competition at the same time. You get an opportunity to showcase your personality, which lets your customers get to know you better. Your brand awareness increases by reaching new target market segments as well. That creates the potential for new customers to learn more about you, which leads to future Read More