Book Review: I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug By Caroline B. Cooney

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Few things in life are sweeter than getting a hug from someone you love! When you are scared, a warm hug from the right person can squash your fears in an instant. Feelings of stress and worry from the day instantly melt away when you feel the warm embrace from someone you love. For children, a hug from mom or dad is all that is necessary to chase away the monsters under the bed or make an upset tummy feel just a little bit better.

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In her new book, I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug, Caroline B. Cooney takes an endearing look at the wonderful world of hugs. She takes readers on an adventure highlighting the playful interaction between a parent and a child. Caroline is no stranger to the world of book publishing. She is a distinguished author of 90 Young Adult books that span a variety of different reading genres with over 15 million copies sold.

I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug is her first picture book and its based on a verse that Caroline often spoke to her own children when they were younger. The simple yet sentimental words she uses in the story easily warms your heart as you read, making you want to reach out to a loved one nearby for a big hug! It is the ideal book to read while sitting in a cozy chair eating cookies and drinking a big glass of milk. You will certainly have all those warm, fuzzy feelings after reading this book.

Tim Warnes does a beautiful job of bringing each sweet sentiment to life through his vibrant illustrations as the story unfolds. Each image he creates for the story helps to bring the young child to life through interactions with a variety of animals that serve as a representation for the type of hug the mother wants to give her child. The animals appear to be so lifelike that it’s easy to see why Tim has been a children’s book illustrator for 20 years.

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The interaction that the young child has with a cat is my favorite part of the book. The mixture of Caroline’s sweet words and Tim’s illustrations bring back sentimental memories of the times when the purrs of my cat, Jasmine, would instantly relieve any mixed emotion I may have been feeling at any given moment in the day. Jasmine and I enjoyed 17 years of snuggles together and although she is gone now, the interaction between the young child and the cat brought a teary smile to my face!

Everyone, young or old, loves getting hugs from someone near and dear to their heart! The collaboration of Caroline and Tim does a fantastic job at bringing this endearing sentiment to life through this story. I highly recommend this book as a present for a child, an expectant mother or anyone who just needs a sweet reason to smile when going through a rough moment that we all sometimes have in life!

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